Legal World provides advice and services across all areas of insurance law, ranging from insurance programme design and policy advisory work through to managing insurance claims and disputes.

Legal World has specialist insurance practitioners who have worked in the insurance industry.  We have a deep understanding of insurance products, and insurance stakeholders.  What this means for you is that we can reach commercial outcomes quickly.

Legal World’s main areas of insurance practice broadly are:

  • Insurance Advisory:  we act for insureds to make sure they have appropriate insurance for their needs.

  • Insurance Claims: we act for insureds to represent and defend them within the terms and conditions of their  insurance policies.

  • Insurance Coverage Disputes: we act for insureds in circumstances where insurers have wrongfully denied claims against them, or where an insured’s broker has placed inadequate insurance cover for them.

Unlike most specialist insurance firms, we only perform legal work for a very select number of insurance companies – this means that we are rarely in a position of ‘conflict’ and unable to act for you, the policyholder.

Legal World has a broad range of alternative costing options in respect of insurance litigation, which demonstrates our willingness to share the ‘cost’ risk of disputes when acting for our clients.  These arrangements reflect our experience and confidence when acting for you in insurance disputes.