Your business needs to align its commercial objectives with enforceable agreements between you and your employees and contractors. Your expectations of their duties and responsibilities must be spelled out according to law.

Employment law is a complex area governing the rights and responsibilities of both employees and employers.  Our experience safeguards your business against the consequences of incorrect procedures or deficient paperwork that might otherwise arise during the process of hiring and firing.

Engaging a new employee on the right terms is essential.  We will draft a suitable contractual agreement to put in place with your recruit.  It is a truism that expectations properly set are more easily managed to.  Additionally, ethical restraints and obligations in relation to you and your customers must be contractually binding on your employees.

Terminating an employee, with a minimum of fuss, often depends on how well the terms and conditions of the initial employment agreement were set out.  Employment disputes can be costly and distracting.  Importantly, a termination must be done according to law.  That’s where we step in to protect your interests.

Areas where we will advise and act for you include:

  • Drafting employment and contractor agreements

  • Terminating unsatisfactory personnel

  • Resolving disputes between you and your employees and contractors

  • Protecting your intellectual property rights

  • Advising on correct employee insurances

  • Ensuring your compliance with employment laws, regulations and codes

  • Dealing with allegations of sexual harassment and workplace bullying